Community Service at Museum School










  The Museum School is a strong community and therefore we encourage all students to perform community service throughout their experience here, to broaden their outlook on life, and to recognize their importance and value to others.

  To earn community service credit, the service must serve a clear social purpose.  The service should provide a benefit to the person or people being served.  You cannot accept money for your service, and you may not work for a family member.  If you are not sure if the service you wish to do has a social purpose, ask a teacher or guidance counselor for advice.  Good places to look are schools, museums, community centers, nursing homes, charities, day care centers, various fund-raising walks, or even for a teacher at the Museum School.

  High school students who serve a total of 100 hours before graduating may be selected to receive a special “NYCMS Community Scholar Award” at graduation.  In order to receive credit for the hours served, your service must be documented on the community service form and handed in to the college advisor.  Forms are available from the guidance offices (218B and 229).You can also download the form here: Community service form .