9, 10, 11 Grade Counselor

12th Grade Counselor and College Advisor

​The New York City Museum School is a screened program.  Since 1994 we have been ranked among NYC's top high schools.  We have received an "A" on our Progress Report for the past 6 years, and have received many prestigious awards. 

We seek a range of serious students.  All applications are reviewed and assessed in terms of grades, standardized test scores, and attendance/punctuality. Students from throughout New York City attend NYCMS.  Though preference is given to District #2 students, all interested students are encouraged to apply.

Application is made through the New York City Department of Education high school admission process. Forms are distributed through middle school guidance counselors as well as the Office of Student Enrollment at the Department of Education (212) 374-2363.

During the summer months, transfer students must visit their local borough enrollment offices listed on the Department of Education website.
If you have any additional questions you can contact Ms. Williams, Guidance and Admissions Counselor at 212-675-6206 ext. 2181

Non-Academic Guidance Issues


​Guidance Issues at Museum School

School counselors work in collaboration with the entire school community and are committed to the education and emotional development of all students. Services provided by counselors address academic, personal/social, and career and post-secondary development.

The Guidance Department at the NYC Museum School provides an outlet for all students in order to develop and maintain well adjusted and successful students.
 The Guidance Department at NYCMS provides the following:

-A safe space for students
-Group and individual counseling
-Academic counseling/transcript review
-College counseling /advisement
-Communication with parents
-Referrals to outside agencies
-Crisis counseling
-Conflict mediation
-Reports of suspicion of child abuse
-Individual mandated counseling

​The College and Career exploratory program at NYC Museum School starts in 11th grade during Internship Module.  Class time is spent with students engaging in a number of assessments where they learn more about their learning styles, intelligences and match their personalities to different careers.  Additionally they engage in on-online college and career searches so that they are better prepared to assess which colleges are appropriate for their particular interests, personalities and skills.

In 12th grade students take College Institute, where we discuss all aspects of the college, scholarship and financial aid process in fall semester.  In spring students learn about personal financial responsibility, review financial aid packages, learn how to conduct scholarly research, and focus on skills that they need to develop to ensure a successful transition from high school to college.​

Students are encouraged to participate in the many outside programs that are advertised through the College Office.  Programs are available through SEO Scholars, Hudson Guild, Baruch’s College Now Program, as well as other workshops and credit bearing programs that are available during the school year as well as during the summer break.

For additional information, please contact

Ms. Ortiz at 212-675-6206 ext.2294